US CRICKET LEAGUE (USCL) is based in New Jersey. The USCL's mission is to play and promote the game of cricket in the Region among both adult and youth players. USCL is founded based on the principles of fair play cricket and upholding the spirit of cricket. A Twenty20 USCL tournament will be played in the upcoming season. A regular season runs from spring into early fall.


USCL is launched by a group of enthusiastic cricketers from their past experiences with other leagues. To this effect, the league has formulated on a process based on each team’s feedback at the end of the year and process shall be improved upon to make it a fair play and sustainable league for years to come.

The goal is executing the cricket tournament smoothly, effectively and in a transparent manner every year. Also, upholding the sportsmanship and camaraderie among the players involved.


USCL opts for an open tournament format model depending upon odd/even teams enrolled every year. USCL expects to enroll an even number of teams so every team gets to play each week and no time is lost. A minimum number of games shall be announced based on the number of enrolled teams, available weekend excluding long weekends (US holidays) and with the view of playoff schedule beyond the regular season. 


·         Will be using grade A white/pink ball depending upon suiting to weather conditions and dress code of the participating teams.

·         Well planned tournament schedule announced in advance before the start of the tournament.

·         Good quality of umpires and match referees for playoffs

·         Effective communications.

·         Timely resolution of issues should there be any outside of governing rules.


League is welcoming teams to sign up and refer new teams for the upcoming cricket season.  Reach out to the league management by emailing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.